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We are a small tight-knit community with players from all over Europe, with ages of 18+. Formed in February 2016, and quickly establishing ourselves within the Squad community. 

Interested in joining?
If you are interested in joining SpecOE as a Recruit you must meet the following requirements:

- 50 Hours minimum playtime in squad (this is the absolute minimum and we would prefer if you had higher numbers)

- 18+ Age

- Good English with a clear microphone.

– Located in Europe 

- Competitive mindset (interested in taking part in regular competitive teams)

– Willing to learn and progress in squad.

– Read all of the following information

Requirements of Recruits:

  • No tags to be worn.

  • Good amount of activity during the 4 week recruitment process.

Requirements of Full Members:

  • Wearing the tags (these are applied to the end of your name on steam).
  • Making sure @ everyone notifications are turned on for #announcements, all other channels can be muted.
  • If discernibly inactive for 6 months, you lose your right to membership (not necessarily resulting in a kick)
  • Mutual respect for other members in the clan (we all make mistakes, deal with disagreements amicably)

Competitive Events & Tournaments:

  • Competitive events are limited to Full Members with a few occasional exceptions in which Recruits can sign up.
  • Competitive scrims consist of 2 rounds on the same map (playing both sides) in 20v20 or 30v30 format.
  • Regular tournaments happen throughout the year with rounds taking place weekly (usually on weekends).
  • Normal game times are between 16:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC start with a minimum playtime time of 2 hours. (Starting times vary depending on the region of the team being played).

What is it like being in SpecOE?
For most members in SpecOE, squad is our primary game. Our average playtime in squad for the whole group is over 1500 hours. Most evenings members will be playing squad with small groups playing other games such as Tarkov, Rocket League and DayZ etc.. Week day practice scrims take place once or twice a week when tournament rounds are being played on the weekends. Both Recruits and Full Members have access to whitelist on the squad servers which we play most frequently.

All Recruits and Full Members gain access to whitelist on our most played servers.

Current Whitelisted Servers:

The Alliance (our server)

[BB] Blood Bound

[EU] The Coalition